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Gibneyi9 can be used by small employers as a stand alone compliance tool, and by employers who require an automatic and seamless interface with E-Verify. GIBNEYI9 SERVES AS A USER FRIENDLY, PAPERLESS AND EFFICIENT MEANS TO ENSURE COMPLIANCE WITH FORM I-9 AND E-VERIFY OBLIGATIONS. Review our features and contact us to request a demo.

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  • Enables employers and employees to complete Forms I-9 with electronic signatures from any location 24/7 without having to create a hard copy of the form
  • Permits authorized employer access at any time to audit and review Form I-9 data
  • Provides for authorized government access in accordance with DHS regulations


  • Increases technical compliance with Form I-9 completion by using prompts that alert users to forms completed improperly
  • Alerts employers if verification documents are unacceptable and prevents over documentation
  • Houses a Form I-9 tutorial for employer representatives
  • Permits company personnel (and counsel) to conduct audits of an employer’s Form I-9 program


  • Tracks deadlines for Form I-9 completion
  • Provides 180, 90, 60 and 30 day alerts for time limited work authorization documents
  • Enables entry of an employee’s termination date and provides alerts for the purging of Forms I-9

Historical Form I-9 Storage

  • Permits the upload of historical Forms I-9
  • Provides for easy retrieval of historical Forms I-9


  • Is fully integrated with E-Verify for employers who opt for or are required to participate in E-Verify
  • Permits the automatic submission of historical Forms I-9 into E-Verify

Flexibility and Customization

  • Enables employers to store a copy of the employee’s work eligibility and identity documents with each employee’s Form I-9
  • Permits customization for each employer’s specific needs including design, color, logo and welcome messages
  • Offers standard or customized search options for and reports on the Forms I-9 that are exportable to Microsoft excel
  • Allows for the sharing of data with many HR and internal audit systems
  • Is built on Microsoft SQL server technology to allow for unlimited scalability and customization for other onboarding processes

Security and Support

  • Utilizes a third-party signed SSL Certificate to ensure secure communication
  • Housed in an award-winning state-of-the-art Network Operations Center to provide scalability and availability
  • Offers help desk assistance