Employer Agent

Full-service Solution

GIBNEY ONBOARDING SERVICES IS  A QUALIFIED E-VERIFY EMPLOYER AGENT authorized by USCIS to administer all aspects of the E-Verify process on behalf of employers from employer registration to partnering with Human Resources.

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Gibney Onboarding Services include:

  • Employer registration in E-Verify
  • Submission of initial E-Verify queries
  • Instructing employees on Tentative Non-confirmation issues
  • Tracking Tentative Non-confirmation referrals
  • Liaising with Human Resources, as needed
  • Managing all E-Verify paperwork

Employers who wish to outsource their E-Verify program obligations may contact everifyservices@gibneyonboarding.com for additional information.

Gibney Onboarding Services is uniquely positioned to refer legal issues arising in the E-Verify process to Gibney, Anthony & Flaherty, LLP., if required, for prompt resolution.