Useful links to U.S. Immigration, Social Security and E-Verify information and resources

US Citizenship and Immigration Services
USCIS Form I-9 Handbook (M-274)
Form I-9
I-9 Central
USCIS Webinars: Form I-9, E-Verify, E-Verify Self Check
US Immigration and Customs Enforcement
ICE Guide to Selected U.S. Travel and Identity Documents
ICE Form I-9 Inspection Overview 
ICE Worksite Enforcement Fact Sheet

Social Security
Social Security Administration

E-Verify Self-Check
E-Verify User Manual for Employers
E-Verify Quick Reference Guide for Employers 
E-Verify Enrollment Quick Reference Guide
E-Verify User Manual for Federal Contractors
Supplemental Guidance for Federal Contractors
Department of Justice
OSC Webinars for Workers, Worker Advocates, and Employers