About Us

Gibney Onboarding Services, LLC provides administrative and technology solutions to the challenges of worksite enforcement laws during the onboarding process. Established in 2007, Gibney Onboarding Services is owned and managed by Gibney, Anthony & Flaherty LLP, a full-service law firm with offices in New York and San Francisco. This unique relationship between a law firm and onboarding service company has created an efficient model in which employers are able to understand and address their administrative, technology and legal challenges that arise during the onboarding process.

Gibney Onboarding Services combines the experience, knowledge and service to provide employers with a customizable approach to meet their specific worksite enforcement needs. As a USCIS authorized E-Verify Employer Agent, we can provide a full outsourcing service to ensure compliance with all aspects of the E-Verify process for employers. We also offer a state-of-the-art electronic Form I-9 system (known as Gibneyi9) that can be used by small employers as a stand alone compliance tool, and by employers who additionally require an automatic and seamless interface with E-Verify. Either way, Gibneyi9 serves as a user friendly, paperless and efficient means to ensure compliance with Form I-9 and E-Verify obligations. Finally, it can accommodate historical Forms I-9 for storage, retrieval and E-Verify purposes, provides standard or customized reports on an employee population and is customizable in design to ensure that all personnel feel at home when they use the system.

Since the implementation of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of November 7, 1986 the Immigration Practice Group of Gibney, Anthony and Flaherty LLP has proactively been providing legal advice to employers on all aspects of employer sanctions and on compliance with worksite enforcement laws. With their combined resources, Gibney, Anthony and Flaherty, LLP and Gibney Onboarding Services LLC are uniquely positioned to provide a complete and tailored solution to the broad range of onboarding challenges.